Here you will find some examples of the fun boxing times that we have at OSI boxing.

Last Open Training in Fall 2019!

Our last open training in fall 2019! We hope to see as many of you again as possible! You missed the open training but are interested in boxing? Don't worry, just contact us via facebook or email and we will figure something out!

First Open Training in Fall 2019!

This picture shows the about 60 people that trained at our first open training in fall 2019! In total almost 100 newbies were interested in boxing this fall, most of which have little to no experience. So if you still are in doubt, forget that and join us!

Last open training fall 2019

Let's just say it was a good workout!

Sunday Sparring Session Spring 2019

OSI boksing is a proud owner of a boxing ring! On Sunday trainings we have the option to build it up at Domus and sparr like real pros! Of course every level of boxing is allowed and a more advanced boxer will level down to less advanced boxer.